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One of my favorite VPNs is hold­ing a give­away for a year of pre­mi­um ser­vice. Read on, and check out their site as well, to find out all the good­ies you can get out of this deal.

Hack­ers, Pen-testers, and exploits…oh my!

Some apps CLAIM to keep your pass­words safe, but do they real­ly?

I just got an email about DRM and Fire­fox. When you worm your way into the open source mar­ket, you have gone too far.

Lots of fraz­zled nerves, bit­ten fingernails,…and prob­a­bly a cou­ple of choice curse words. Thank­ful­ly, the prob­lem seems to have calmed down now.

Much like the keys to your car, SSH keys seem to get lost just as often. And you can nev­er fig­ure out how you lost them or where they went either.

Being para­noid has its ben­e­fits.

Think­ing about cipher encryp­tion, brute force attacks, and login secu­ri­ty, for the most part. More talk­ing to myself over the Inter­net than any­thing, but some­times that’s how I find my best inspi­ra­tion.

Apps to keep your infor­ma­tion safe, secure, and much bet­ter post-it-notes all over your desk.