One of my favorite VPNs is holding a giveaway for a year of premium service. Read on, and check out their site as well, to find out all the goodies you can get out of this deal.

Hackers, Pen-testers, and exploits…oh my!

Some apps CLAIM to keep your passwords safe, but do they really?

I just got an email about DRM and Firefox. When you worm your way into the open source market, you have gone too far.

Lots of frazzled nerves, bitten fingernails,…and probably a couple of choice curse words. Thankfully, the problem seems to have calmed down now.

Much like the keys to your car, SSH keys seem to get lost just as often. And you can never figure out how you lost them or where they went either.

Being paranoid has its benefits.

Thinking about cipher encryption, brute force attacks, and login security, for the most part. More talking to myself over the Internet than anything, but sometimes that’s how I find my best inspiration.

Apps to keep your information safe, secure, and much better post-it-notes all over your desk.