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For all my veteran friends on LinkedIn, how would you like a year of free Premium access?

I have been silent for a while, and will remain so until the world returns to its previous more “civilized” state.

The once, and future, king has reclaimed its rightful place!

Investing is not something everyone has a knack for, but I have found a site that can help you out by investing your change.

While I am a Linux guy, I am learning to branch out. Growth is good for the soul.

Giving away a code repository, even if you built it know it was going to leave, can be tough.

My new favorite operating system, Chromuxium, hasn’t gone away, but it did change it’s name to Cub Linux because of Google.

One of my favorite VPNs is holding a giveaway for a year of premium service. Read on, and check out their site as well, to find out all the goodies you can get out of this deal.

When you buy a house, you never really know how much work it will be to get “settled in”. Learn to be part handyman, plumber, construction worker, and minor electrician at the least.

I finally found an distribution that has NOT let me down as a replacement for Crunchbang!

I finally made some headway on my Veterans Resource website project.

Learn Certified Ethical Hacking from experts and get Certified from EC- Counc

Classes are done. Now on to the exams.

Red Hat Linux logo

I only have two classes left then I have no idea what I am doing with my life. This is shades of July 1999 all over again.

To boldly go where few nerds have gone before.

Hackers, Pen-testers, and exploits…oh my!

Losing friends is always hard, especially when you have to replace them immediately.

I have been up and down on my luck as of late. Here are some updates from the land of nowhere.

Update on my the web application built around the data available from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

I am ending one of my plugins for WordPress, it still works but I don’t have time to keep tending to it.

I have been remiss on my updates to this blog as of late. Here’s a brief rundown of what has been going on in my world.

Some apps CLAIM to keep your passwords safe, but do they really?

Photo by Kent Kanouse

…and It definitely helps if those toys can help further your skills, thus further your career.

Okay, I admit it, occasionally I am wrong. It happens, but I don’t try to make a big deal of it, no one can be right all the time. I’m not different.

I just got an email about DRM and Firefox. When you worm your way into the open source market, you have gone too far.

Lots of frazzled nerves, bitten fingernails,…and probably a couple of choice curse words. Thankfully, the problem seems to have calmed down now.

Today I learned something. I can’t read my own writing…even when I type it.

I see a lot of bad code and design. This is the Internet, a breeding ground for the stuff. So here are a few tips to keep at least some of the cruft out of your site.

An awesome tool with just a few minor problem that you have to keep in constant mind as a front-end developer.

Much like the keys to your car, SSH keys seem to get lost just as often. And you can never figure out how you lost them or where they went either.

I have started a new project, on my own time, to aid veterans. I hope to help people with information that took me years to find.