It has been qui­et on here for some time, but there is a rea­son for this.  Aside from being busy while back in school, I have decid­ed to essen­tial­ly main­tain radio silence dur­ing this elec­tion sea­son.  My thought is that we already have enough peo­ple shoot­ing off at the mouth and the world does not need one more voice added to the mad­ness.  I have stopped say­ing much on social media as well for the very same rea­son.  I hope to return to updat­ing once all this mad­ness has stopped and we can all go back to being civ­i­lized peo­ple again.

Since I am post­ing this, how­ev­er, I will relay an update on my cur­rent sta­tus.  My career had seemed to have fiz­zled out, so I have return to col­lege with a major in Polit­i­cal Sci­ence and minors in Amer­i­can Stud­ies and Polit­i­cal Thought.  I still have a few years to go, but I hope to get a job in civ­il ser­vice or vet­er­ans advo­ca­cy when all is said and done.

I have also bought a new car, as my old one was on its last legs.  This pur­chase, while more than I spend in a decade, allowed me to scratch two items off my buck­et list. Those items being buy a MINI Coop­er and buy a brand new car.  The gas mileage and abil­i­ty to park in my neigh­bor­hood con­vinced me to get a MINI.  Buy­ing brand new was just because I got so tired of buy­ing the neglect and prob­lems of some­one else.  So, while I will be pay­ing on this for years to come, it looks to be a good invest­ment.

That is pret­ty much it, in a nut­shell.  You are all caught up on my com­ings and goings, as it were.  I will return when every­thing returns to some sem­blance of nor­mal­cy.  Hap­py Hal­loween!

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