I have tried investing over the years, but it has always blown up in my face…for various reasons.  This site Acorns is a “micro investing” service that you connect your debit card(s) and continue buying things as you normally would.  Every time you buy something Acorns rounds up the purchase to the nearest dollar and invests the rounded change for you.  These little investments they call “round-ups”.

Acorns: Automatically Invest Life’s Spare Change

They also have another service, in beta, attached to their primary service called “Founed Money”.  If you buy something from one of their beta partners (Jet, Dollar Shave Club, Hotel TonightJackThreads, and Blue Apron) they will invest money into your account according to each stores respective promotion.  Think of it as cash forwarding instead of cash back.  The money goes into your investments instead of your pocket.

You have full control over your account.  Whether or not you want recurring investments, how much money you want those investments. You can define how aggressively you want to invest.  Even whether you want the round-ups to the automatic or to round up purchases that already are whole dollar purchases.  You have full control.

So far, even with my limited funds, it has yielded positive results.  Instead of looking at it as an investment portfolio, I am looking it more as a stash money away for a rainy day…or sunny beach.  Whichever comes first.

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