I have tried invest­ing over the years, but it has always blown up in my face…for var­i­ous rea­sons.  This site Acorns is a “micro invest­ing” ser­vice that you con­nect your deb­it card(s) and con­tin­ue buy­ing things as you nor­mal­ly would.  Every time you buy some­thing Acorns rounds up the pur­chase to the near­est dol­lar and invests the round­ed change for you.  These lit­tle invest­ments they call “round-ups”.

Acorns: Automatically Invest Life’s Spare Change

They also have anoth­er ser­vice, in beta, attached to their pri­ma­ry ser­vice called “Founed Mon­ey”.  If you buy some­thing from one of their beta part­ners (Jet, Dol­lar Shave Club, Hotel TonightJack­Threads, and Blue Apron) they will invest mon­ey into your account accord­ing to each stores respec­tive pro­mo­tion.  Think of it as cash for­ward­ing instead of cash back.  The mon­ey goes into your invest­ments instead of your pock­et.

You have full con­trol over your account.  Whether or not you want recur­ring invest­ments, how much mon­ey you want those invest­ments. You can define how aggres­sive­ly you want to invest.  Even whether you want the round-ups to the auto­mat­ic or to round up pur­chas­es that already are whole dol­lar pur­chas­es.  You have full con­trol.

So far, even with my lim­it­ed funds, it has yield­ed pos­i­tive results.  Instead of look­ing at it as an invest­ment port­fo­lio, I am look­ing it more as a stash mon­ey away for a rainy day…or sun­ny beach.  Whichev­er comes first.

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