Yes­ter­day I trans­ferred a code repos­i­to­ry from one of my own git repos to that of one owned by my employ­er. It was for a web appli­ca­tion that was I was tasked to cre­ate for them, but I did not have access to their repos­i­to­ries yet.

Even still, I feel like I have lost a friend. I spent a month build­ing this sim­ple web appli­ca­tion from the ground up and then I had to give it away. I know it may not make much sense to most peo­ple, but this is some­thing I was proud of and can­not real­ly share with any­one due to own­er­ship rights. Nor­mal­ly I release all of my soft­ware under either the MIT or GPLv2 or 3 license. I could not do that with this appli­ca­tion, so I can’t even show off my nerd prowess.

I know, I know, it’s a bunch of code and you should get over it. I have let it go, but I think it is some­thing that only those tru­ly entrenched in their ner­dom can under­stand.

It is noth­ing like los­ing a child, and I would nev­er make such a claim. It is, how­ev­er, very akin to part­ing with a friend. You have spent hours, in my case months, with those code. You have had those “ah-ha” moments (the good times) and the points where you invent new four let­ter words due to your frus­tra­tion (the bad times). Yet, no mat­ter, the code is there with you and wait­ing patient­ly for you to hit your stride. So giv­ing that code to anoth­er enti­ty for full own­er­ship is a lit­tle heart-wrench­ing, for the tru­ly nerdy.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew that I was build­ing it for some­one else, it’s just that I dump every­thing I have into my code. This is dou­bly so when I build it from the ground up. Yes, I could rebuild it and release it on my own, but there’s a good chance that there would be legal issues. I can deal quite well with­out hir­ing a lawyer, code mon­keys don’t get paid enough to afford one of those.

So, it is with a slight­ly heavy heart, that I bid good­bye to my appli­ca­tion. I will be there to help you along your way from stag­ing to pro­duc­tion though, so this is not good­bye. More an extend­ed rela­tion­ship until the time comes to release you into the wild.

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