First off, I know it’s been seven months since I have posted anything.  I’m sorry, for those of you who still read.  Life has been busy and I’ve been making excuses.  I am did want to give an update on my favorite Linux flavor…of the moment.  In August of last year I finally found a suitable replacement for Crunchbang Linux, may it rest in peace.

After some “words” with the people of Google, involving copyright jargon and things that don’t particularly concern me, Chromixium has changed their name to Cub Linux.  Still the same OS, but with a little minor tweaking, and still just as good.  It is still very lightweight, flexible, and gives me the fine detail control of my OS that I hold so dear.  It is a web-focused OS, but being a web developer I am quite all right with that.  Besides most people only use their computers for social networks, email, and videos of cats anyway.

Well, that’s the big news from my life in Linux for right now.  I’m also working on some web applications, for work, that will sadly never be released in open source.  I have also been playing around with the cloud server I bought from Cloud at Cost on the cheap.  Nothing like a one-time payment for something that you can use forever to broaden your skill set.

Aside from all of that, I have not had much time to do much in the way of personal development projects.  I started a new job in February, and like it very much, but I spend half as much time on my commute as I do in the office.  So a normal 8-hour day runs me approximately 12 hours.  Factoring in for sleep this gives me little time for anything, especially when I have a wife that I like to spend a little time with each day.

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