First off, I know it’s been sev­en months since I have post­ed any­thing.  I’m sor­ry, for those of you who still read.  Life has been busy and I’ve been mak­ing excus­es.  I am did want to give an update on my favorite Lin­ux flavor…of the moment.  In August of last year I final­ly found a suit­able replace­ment for Crunch­bang Lin­ux, may it rest in peace.

After some “words” with the peo­ple of Google, involv­ing copy­right jar­gon and things that don’t par­tic­u­lar­ly con­cern me, Chromix­i­um has changed their name to Cub Lin­ux.  Still the same OS, but with a lit­tle minor tweak­ing, and still just as good.  It is still very light­weight, flex­i­ble, and gives me the fine detail con­trol of my OS that I hold so dear.  It is a web-focused OS, but being a web devel­op­er I am quite all right with that.  Besides most peo­ple only use their com­put­ers for social net­works, email, and videos of cats any­way.

Well, that’s the big news from my life in Lin­ux for right now.  I’m also work­ing on some web appli­ca­tions, for work, that will sad­ly nev­er be released in open source.  I have also been play­ing around with the cloud serv­er I bought from Cloud at Cost on the cheap.  Noth­ing like a one-time pay­ment for some­thing that you can use for­ev­er to broad­en your skill set.

Aside from all of that, I have not had much time to do much in the way of per­son­al devel­op­ment projects.  I start­ed a new job in Feb­ru­ary, and like it very much, but I spend half as much time on my com­mute as I do in the office.  So a nor­mal 8-hour day runs me approx­i­mate­ly 12 hours.  Fac­tor­ing in for sleep this gives me lit­tle time for any­thing, espe­cial­ly when I have a wife that I like to spend a lit­tle time with each day.

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