I have been silent for a while, and will remain so until the world returns to its pre­vi­ous more “civ­i­lized” state.

The once, and future, king has reclaimed its right­ful place!

Invest­ing is not some­thing every­one has a knack for, but I have found a site that can help you out by invest­ing your change.

While I am a Lin­ux guy, I am learn­ing to branch out. Growth is good for the soul.

Giv­ing away a code repos­i­to­ry, even if you built it know it was going to leave, can be tough.

My new favorite oper­at­ing sys­tem, Chro­mux­i­um, hasn’t gone away, but it did change it’s name to Cub Lin­ux because of Google.