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Any­one who has read this blog beyond the first page should be able to guess that am para­noid about secu­ri­ty, I can’t help it. If you were sup­posed to know my busi­ness, I would tell you about it. That’s why I am a fan of Tor, prox­ies, and VPNs.  That’s why when I heard that one of my favorite VPNs, CyberGhost, was hav­ing a con­test for a year of their “Pre­mi­um Plus” sub­scrip­tions (of which I have been using for about a year already), I thought I would give it a shot. While it is $109.99 per year ( or $10.99 per month), I like it because it gives me:

  • unlim­it­ed band­width
  • unlim­it­ed traf­fic
  • AES 256-bit encryp­tion
  •  antifin­ger­print­ing sys­tem

That’s not just on the “Pre­mi­um Plus” plan either, that’s on all plans. That’s right, even the free one.

Oh, did I men­tion that it is cross-plat­form? That makes it real­ly nice for folks like me who use mul­ti­ple devices and OSes. I cur­rent­ly have it run­ning on my Android tablet, iPhone, Lin­ux box, and Mac…and I believe my Chrome­book too, but I can’t remem­ber.

You can even get in on the con­test, should you decid­ed. Just go here and com­plete one, or all 17, of their ways to enter. It’s a year of free top-tier VPN ser­vice, what have you got to lose?

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