My wife and I final­ly made one of the major jumps into adult­hood. No, we did not have a child, we bought a house. It is a won­der­ful brick house that was built at the begin­ning of Amer­i­can involve­ment in WWII. Very sol­id, and we absolute­ly love it. How­ev­er, it has not been with­out a fair share of “issues” that we have had to han­dle.

First issue involved the joy we faced in know­ing that we could use your own non-crap­py wash­er and dry­er again…only to find out that at least the wash­er was bro­ken and dumped quite a bit of water all over the base­ment floor. It’s been rough­ly one week and we are final­ly win­ning the bat­tle of the flood! We have bought a new washer/dryer set from a friend, who is an appli­ance sales­per­son for high-end stuff. It will be here this week, then it’s clean undies for life! A minor prob­lem, I know, but at least we have been able to resolve it rel­a­tive­ly quick­ly.

The rest of the prob­lems are even more minor, but numer­ous. Things like mount­ing things to the walls, find­ing areas to put our stuff (flat­ware, dish­es, etc), and unpack­ing the mov­ing boxes…OH LORD THE MOVING BOXES!!! We hired a mov­ing com­pa­ny to han­dle our shuf­fle from old house to new house and these guys seem to believe that EVERYTHING need­ed to be wrapped in a trees worth of paper. So we now have rough­ly 400-mil­lion box­es that we hope will be leav­ing come recy­cling day. On the plus side, we have def­i­nite­ly had a chance to put the fire­place to the test with burn­ing all pack­ing paper. On a relat­ed note, to the peo­ple to forest­ed areas, I apol­o­gize for wast­ing and then burn­ing at least 80% of your home­lands.

I know I made this sound much worse that it real­ly is, but there is quite a lot of things that need to be han­dled. Sure we could drop a met­ric ton of mon­ey to have all this stuff resolved, but with a lit­tle free time (I am back in col­lege know so have a bit of leisure time) and a whole lot of elbow grease we can do most of it our­self.

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