My wife and I finally made one of the major jumps into adulthood. No, we did not have a child, we bought a house. It is a wonderful brick house that was built at the beginning of American involvement in WWII. Very solid, and we absolutely love it. However, it has not been without a fair share of “issues” that we have had to handle.

First issue involved the joy we faced in knowing that we could use your own non-crappy washer and dryer again…only to find out that at least the washer was broken and dumped quite a bit of water all over the basement floor. It’s been roughly one week and we are finally winning the battle of the flood! We have bought a new washer/dryer set from a friend, who is an appliance salesperson for high-end stuff. It will be here this week, then it’s clean undies for life! A minor problem, I know, but at least we have been able to resolve it relatively quickly.

The rest of the problems are even more minor, but numerous. Things like mounting things to the walls, finding areas to put our stuff (flatware, dishes, etc), and unpacking the moving boxes…OH LORD THE MOVING BOXES!!! We hired a moving company to handle our shuffle from old house to new house and these guys seem to believe that EVERYTHING needed to be wrapped in a trees worth of paper. So we now have roughly 400-million boxes that we hope will be leaving come recycling day. On the plus side, we have definitely had a chance to put the fireplace to the test with burning all packing paper. On a related note, to the people to forested areas, I apologize for wasting and then burning at least 80% of your homelands.

I know I made this sound much worse that it really is, but there is quite a lot of things that need to be handled. Sure we could drop a metric ton of money to have all this stuff resolved, but with a little free time (I am back in college know so have a bit of leisure time) and a whole lot of elbow grease we can do most of it ourself.

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