If you have been reading this blog since the end of February, you know that I have been trying to find a replacement for my beloved Crunchbang Linux. #!, as it is formerly known, stopped development on February 26, 2015, and I have been looking for six months to find a decent replacement. I, for one, am elated, as this works as well as #!…if not better.

For those of you interested, I present, Chromixium. It looks like Chrome OS, but behaves like #!, and the menus are automatically updated upon installing new software. Very lightweight, very full of features, and simply enjoyable. Keep in mind, these are my personal observations and are only proposed as such. This distribution may not be for everyone, but it is my distro of choice, just a note. It is worth taking a look into this distro, they offer a live distro should you decide not install.

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