Recently I had posted about how my beloved Crunchbang has gone the way of the dodo. Well, I found a new hotness, and her name is Kali Linux. Most people would not choose an operationg system built around hacking, penetration testing,and security exploitation for daily use. I, however, am not most people.Thankfully, the nice people of at built Kali, so I don’t have to be.

My thought is that if I am going to get certifications in the aforementioned areas, I might as well get a head start on familiarizing myself with the tools therein. So far, it is not too far detached from what I had been using as Kali is based on Debian as Crunchbang was. I know most of the commands for daily use since I’ve been using Debian-based linux for going on 13 years now. I just have to familiarize myself with the new tools, the application therein, and the practice of each. I’m really looking for to testing this new OS out. It has all the cool stuff I want and some new stuff with which I get to play.

This will bring me one step closer to my ultimate goal. Being crowned and the future and present Nerd King!

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