Recent­ly I had post­ed about how my beloved Crunch­bang has gone the way of the dodo. Well, I found a new hot­ness, and her name is Kali Lin­ux. Most peo­ple would not choose an oper­a­tiong sys­tem built around hack­ing, pene­tra­tion test­ing,and secu­ri­ty exploita­tion for dai­ly use. I, how­ev­er, am not most people.Thankfully, the nice peo­ple of at built Kali, so I don’t have to be.

My thought is that if I am going to get cer­ti­fi­ca­tions in the afore­men­tioned areas, I might as well get a head start on famil­iar­iz­ing myself with the tools there­in. So far, it is not too far detached from what I had been using as Kali is based on Debian as Crunch­bang was. I know most of the com­mands for dai­ly use since I’ve been using Debian-based lin­ux for going on 13 years now. I just have to famil­iar­ize myself with the new tools, the appli­ca­tion there­in, and the prac­tice of each. I’m real­ly look­ing for to test­ing this new OS out. It has all the cool stuff I want and some new stuff with which I get to play.

This will bring me one step clos­er to my ulti­mate goal. Being crowned and the future and present Nerd King!

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