As some of you know, I have been using Crunchbang Linux (#!) for some time now. However, those days seem to be at an end. A friend of mine told me that #! had been discontinued over the weekend, so I went to check it out for myself. When I got to the site in the latest new section was just one post, titled “The End“. Ceremonial, the man who started and had kept #! going, had decided that the OS was no longer as useful as it could be and was not going to be kept up any longer. The site is not going down, as Ceremonial said “Regarding what will happen to the CrunchBang forums, they will remain online. Ultimately, they belong to the community and so it will be for the community to decide what happens to them”.

I know this is not life-changing news for most, but to me it is like losing an old friend.

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