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Recently, a few organizations have contacted me and encouraged me to learn to code in two new areas. MVC and Angular.JS, the MVC framework they suggested was Yii (which has some nifty “automated” code generators). I had used CakePHP previously, but had never quite got the hang of it, the Yii documentation is much more user-friendly (not that CakePHP isn’t good, I just have a preferred framework at this point in time).

They also have suggested improvements to some of the code in my Git repositories, which has me rewriting my veterans information repository and incorporating JSON info directly from the VA as opposed to a test repo from Github. I had previously said that my creative spring had run dry and that my skills had grown stagnant, but I feel that has finally changed. I feel much like my old nerdy self, back when I was very “green” at coding. I am learning new skills again and enjoying every minute of it. It is much like going back in time, you still have the knowledge that you have accrued over the years, but you get to play with new software and everything is bright and shiny again.

Okay, enough fanboyishness, point is that I love what I do and do what I love. If it gets any better than that, I can’t really see how.

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