An exploit in the open-source imple­men­ta­tion of the SSL pro­to­col of the Inter­net, called Heart­bleed, has every­one who has heard about it sweat­ing bul­lets, which good rea­son. SSL is wide­ly used to secure infor­ma­tion and OpenSSL is the “free” use of this pro­to­col installed on most web servers. What Heart­bleed does is allow any­one read the mem­o­ry of a sys­tem run­ning the affect­ed ver­sions of OpenSSL.

Thank­ful­ly, there are lists of which sites are affect­ed and how to “fix it” on your end. While the bug is now patched let this be a les­son to all of us to keep clos­er tabs on our secu­ri­ty, in case of the recur­rence of such an emer­gency.

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