I have been trying to update my UserLogin Plugin for about a month. Everything I uploaded the changed files, I made sure to add the new version number to the header. I, also, was frustrated that I never saw the version increase on the download page itself. So, once I updated it today, I checked everything again. It was only after going to work and coming home to no change, yet again, that I decided to comb through every file and compare it to the “most current” version. That’s when I found it, the glaring error that was so blatant that, had it been a snake, would have devoured me and my entire family.

Let this be a lesson to us all, especially me. When you update a WordPress Plugin update your readme.txt file to reflect the new version! If you neglect this, WordPress will go with whatever is listed as your stable release, and ignore all over updated version. So I have essentially been fighting myself to push updates for the past month or so.

Ah well, at least it’s now finished and I can go about my life again.

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