I have been try­ing to update my User­Login Plu­g­in for about a month. Every­thing I uploaded the changed files, I made sure to add the new ver­sion num­ber to the head­er. I, also, was frus­trat­ed that I nev­er saw the ver­sion increase on the down­load page itself. So, once I updat­ed it today, I checked every­thing again. It was only after going to work and com­ing home to no change, yet again, that I decid­ed to comb through every file and com­pare it to the “most cur­rent” ver­sion. That’s when I found it, the glar­ing error that was so bla­tant that, had it been a snake, would have devoured me and my entire fam­i­ly.

Let this be a les­son to us all, espe­cial­ly me. When you update a Word­Press Plu­g­in update your readme.txt file to reflect the new ver­sion! If you neglect this, Word­Press will go with what­ev­er is list­ed as your sta­ble release, and ignore all over updat­ed ver­sion. So I have essen­tial­ly been fight­ing myself to push updates for the past month or so.

Ah well, at least it’s now fin­ished and I can go about my life again.

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