I have been devel­op­ing for years on the Twit­ter Boot­strap frame­work, and  it is phe­nom­e­nal. Pure and sim­ple, it is the best tool I have used for doing a lot, but writ­ing very lit­tle. How­ev­er, between that Font Awe­some, I have found it some­what lack­ing.

  • Open cir­cles for stacked icons are too thick.
  • Some icons either don’t exist or require the use of extra icon font packs like this one from Ele­gant Fonts.
  • The slid­er options could def­i­nite­ly use some fine-tun­ing.
  • The media query widths seem to be off by around 15 pix­els.
  • For some rea­son, tooltips and popovers do not want to dis­play when writ­ten into a PHP look.

Oth­er than the things I have to find ways around or write, in length, myself, I have no real argu­ments against Boot­strap. It saves me from writ­ing indi­vid­ual media queries, aside from the ones I have to write on my own. To me, this is, by no means, a deal break­er. I still get far more done with it than with­out it, and it less time.


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