Update on my the web appli­ca­tion built around the data avail­able from the Depart­ment of Vet­er­ans Affairs.

I am end­ing one of my plu­g­ins for Word­Press, it still works but I don’t have time to keep tend­ing to it.

I have been remiss on my updates to this blog as of late. Here’s a brief run­down of what has been going on in my world.

Some apps CLAIM to keep your pass­words safe, but do they real­ly?

Photo by Kent Kanouse

…and It def­i­nite­ly helps if those toys can help fur­ther your skills, thus fur­ther your career.

Okay, I admit it, occa­sion­al­ly I am wrong. It hap­pens, but I don’t try to make a big deal of it, no one can be right all the time. I’m not dif­fer­ent.

I just got an email about DRM and Fire­fox. When you worm your way into the open source mar­ket, you have gone too far.

Lots of fraz­zled nerves, bit­ten fingernails,…and prob­a­bly a cou­ple of choice curse words. Thank­ful­ly, the prob­lem seems to have calmed down now.

Today I learned some­thing. I can’t read my own writing…even when I type it.

I see a lot of bad code and design. This is the Inter­net, a breed­ing ground for the stuff. So here are a few tips to keep at least some of the cruft out of your site.

An awe­some tool with just a few minor prob­lem that you have to keep in con­stant mind as a front-end devel­op­er.