I started a new project to help veterans find some information, programs, and forms that I either could not find on my own or had to seek out over the years. Sadly, the information I am using is not directly from the VA, but provided by someone who is associated with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Not quite as good, I know, but the information still seems to suit my purpose.

This project is slow going, and I could use a hand with it. If anyone can help and has a little time to devote to it. The code for the project is hosted on GitHub, and is open to browse and contribute to if you so choose. It may not be helping those who serve right now, but I hope it will help those who have served. As a veteran, I know first-hand that getting information is not the easiest thing to do on subjects that will benefit you.

My hope is that this project will make it less stressful and much simpler to find the things that will make your life post-military. This is partly selfish, as I feel better doing good things for other people, and partly altruistic, as I like doing  good things for other people. I have also been in those shoes, and would have loved a helping hand. So I hope to be that hand for others.

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