Normally, I have my git repositories set up on both my computers…as well as any other machine I own. I work in a lot of places, coffee shops, auto shop waiting rooms, coffee shops, diners…coffee shops. The point is, I like to have my files within grasp when I am working on projects. The changes I made on one machine may not have been fetched to the other, so that’s why I’m glad that most places have free wifi.

Most of the time, fetching and pushing to repositories isn’t a problem. However, as of late, I have been having problems with SSH keys and git repositories. Not impossible to resolve, just more of a pain in the behind. The biggest issue is when you go to push, like you have done 1,000 times before and you get the message permission denied (publickey).

I’m not sure where my keys are going or how they’re getting broken. I just know that they, apparently, are. So I have to go through the whole dance of ssh-keygen, ssh-add, and various other commands and curse words. Like I said, this isn’t an impossible problem to fix, just a hassle.

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