ssh, and lost keys">

Nor­mal­ly, I have my git repos­i­to­ries set up on both my computers…as well as any oth­er machine I own. I work in a lot of places, cof­fee shops, auto shop wait­ing rooms, cof­fee shops, diners…coffee shops. The point is, I like to have my files with­in grasp when I am work­ing on projects. The changes I made on one machine may not have been fetched to the oth­er, so that’s why I’m glad that most places have free wifi.

Most of the time, fetch­ing and push­ing to repos­i­to­ries isn’t a prob­lem. How­ev­er, as of late, I have been hav­ing prob­lems with SSH keys and git repos­i­to­ries. Not impos­si­ble to resolve, just more of a pain in the behind. The biggest issue is when you go to push, like you have done 1,000 times before and you get the mes­sage permission denied (publickey).

I’m not sure where my keys are going or how they’re get­ting bro­ken. I just know that they, appar­ent­ly, are. So I have to go through the whole dance of ssh-keygen, ssh-add, and var­i­ous oth­er com­mands and curse words. Like I said, this isn’t an impos­si­ble prob­lem to fix, just a has­sle.

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