Yesterday, I posted an article about crowd-sourcing. Today, I am going to show that I do not hate crowd-sourcing as a whole. In fact, I often use the products that are available for such means as part of my own projects.

For instance, for the last few days, I have been working on a website that compiles information about programs and resources made available to veterans through the Department of Veterans Affairs. This way, there will be less hunting for “the right tool” when you really need it. The github repositories I am using were actually part of a project a while ago, I believe. So, I am making use of the tools that were being provided for a crowd-sourcing project initially. So see? I am not all against it. I am using these repositories as it is created and maintained by the Department of Veterans Affairs themselves, and they would know more about what they offer than I could ever hope to.

My reasons are altruistic, I want veterans to be able to find the help they need where I had a miserable time finding programs to help me. That is something I do not want someone else to go through on their own, so I am trying to fix the problem as best I can.

I’m not trying to toot my own horn or make thing respond to my actions. This is partially selfish, but I am not doing it for my own sake. Plus it’s always nice to have something to do with your spare time.

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