I am paranoid, viciously so. Whenever something has my Social Security number, or other identifying information, I don’t trust the garbage workers to dispose of it properly. So, in my house, we have set up a bag for “sensitive material”. So, anything that looks like it could potentially be a problem for us gets put in the aforementioned bag.

Now, we through this bag into the fireplace. Before that, we just threw it into the grill for a burning. This is the most secure secure option we have found. Of course, the really sensitive material gets shredded first.

I know this probably seems a little overboard, but I take things like this very seriously. Having had my credit card only once, it is not something I care to reenact anytime soon. So, now, everything that looks suspicious gets thrown in the fireplace and burnt to ash.

Why am I writing about this? Sort of a “public service advisory”. If you have anything that could be a potential identity theft, or financial, risk just destroy it entirely. It’s really hard to put something back together when it’s nothing but ash.

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