I am para­noid, vicious­ly so. When­ev­er some­thing has my Social Secu­ri­ty num­ber, or oth­er iden­ti­fy­ing infor­ma­tion, I don’t trust the garbage work­ers to dis­pose of it prop­er­ly. So, in my house, we have set up a bag for “sen­si­tive mate­r­i­al”. So, any­thing that looks like it could poten­tial­ly be a prob­lem for us gets put in the afore­men­tioned bag.

Now, we through this bag into the fire­place. Before that, we just threw it into the grill for a burn­ing. This is the most secure secure option we have found. Of course, the real­ly sen­si­tive mate­r­i­al gets shred­ded first.

I know this prob­a­bly seems a lit­tle over­board, but I take things like this very seri­ous­ly. Hav­ing had my cred­it card only once, it is not some­thing I care to reen­act any­time soon. So, now, every­thing that looks sus­pi­cious gets thrown in the fire­place and burnt to ash.

Why am I writ­ing about this? Sort of a “pub­lic ser­vice advi­so­ry”. If you have any­thing that could be a poten­tial iden­ti­ty theft, or finan­cial, risk just destroy it entire­ly. It’s real­ly hard to put some­thing back togeth­er when it’s noth­ing but ash.

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