I ended up having to drop some classes for the semester due to my moving. However, we are finally moved and I can pick back up on work and class. Much more room in this place and not nearly as stressful as the last place. You tend to work and think much better when you feel you can breathe.

I recently finished another project for Craft, this one was for a government agency. Don’t worry, it’s nothing sinister or shady and I didn’t do too much on the site as it is. I just built a couple of pages, but it was nice to get back to work. I haven’t fully gotten back in the swing of things though as I had to take the last two days of the last week off to get much of our house livable. Most rooms are beat into shape, I am just left with the office and a couple other rooms to handle.

Normally I would have been sweating bullets about not getting the other rooms done by now, but it’s a minimal amount of work. So I have plenty of time. Seems that a change in scenery has done me a world of good.

It’s also nice for my wife and I to be able to cook together again. This kitchen has enough room for that and them some, whereas our old one has room for…well, neither of us to cook. What used to be a chore is now enjoyable again, go figure.

I know it sounds like I’m gloating and just tell you guys how awesome my life has become. Well, that’s because I am. After some of the things I’ve been through, I think I have a right to enjoy my good fortune for the time being. So there. 😛


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