You obvi­ous­ly know that I am a geek. I’ve even been called “King of the Nerds”, and it’s a title I wear with a lot of pride. I tin­ker with projects, learn­ing any­thing and every­thing I can on how dif­fer­ent parts of them work sep­a­rate­ly, this helps me use them mod­u­lar­ly in oth­er projects. Even­tu­al­ly, I will have my own Swiss Army brain. That’s when the world dom­i­na­tion hap­pens, you’ve been warned.

At any rate, I real­ized that I might have a prob­lem with new tech­nol­o­gy. Not like you’re grand­pa, who can’t fig­ure out how to get his 1980’s VCR to stop blink­ing 12:00. I mean that when any­thing new comes out, espe­cial­ly new ver­sions of the lan­guages I pro­gram in for work, I am like a kid in a can­dy shop. Nor­mal­ly, the last thing you would want to do after a long day at the office is the same thing you were doing at the office to begin with. Not me, I write code for a liv­ing, I also do it as a hobby…and when I get exceed­ing­ly bored. It’s not only job or a hob­by, it’s a way of life!

So when HTML5 and CSS3 came out at rough­ly the same time, I start­ed to ques­tion whether, or not, this was real life. It was just too good to be true. You mean I get paid to play with two new toys?! Then I found Boot­strap, a few jQuery libraries, and start­ed to enter gov­ern­ment chal­lenges. It was like find­ing some kind of trea­sure cove full of good­ies.

Grant­ed, not all jobs are amaz­ing like the ones I’ve been catch­ing. I have had some bad ones in the same indus­try, that is bound to hap­pen to every­one. But when your job, hob­by, and fun are all the same thing you’ve got a huge fish on that line and you need to keep ahold of it.

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