I am not a fan of web design work, there I said it. From what I have been told I am very good at it, but it remains far from my passion.

It isn’t that I can’t do the work, that is far from the truth. I just hate having to think in 27 different directions to cover every eventuality of something breaking across 4 or more browsers. The number of directions increases exponentially when I have to deal with Internet Explorer. I know people still use it, but I can’t seem to figure out why. Not when there are so many browsers for free that are vastly superior. In fact, as far as I’m concerned, theĀ only reasons to use IE is to take a brand new installation of Windows to another site to download another browser.

My personal hostilities against this software aside, it makes my job much harder than it needs to be too. The closest approximation I can give to someone unfamiliar with my work is this:

Coding a beautiful website in IE is like trying to recreate Van Gogh only using only MS Paint.

Sure it looks nice, and it isn’t impossible, but it’s taken you the majority of your life to get there. This isn’t taking into consideration all the new toys at my disposal with HTML5, CSS3, and they myriad of new JavaScript libraries that pop up everyday. As far as I can tell, those things are like the Kraken to IE, mythical and scary.

Alright, enough complaining, I just have one favor to ask of anyone who reads this. Don’t use IE, think of your children and the world around you. It’s not worth it! Do this as a favor to any coder you know.

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