So, I said if I didn’t get this lat­est job I was going to just go back to school and not wor­ry about find­ing anoth­er posi­tion until I was fin­ished with my class­es. A cou­ple of weeks went past and I had resigned myself to the fact that I had not got­ten the job, no real prob­lem there. I had man­aged to plan every­thing out so that I didn’t need to work.

With the way my plans were laid out, hav­ing a job would just be a source of extra income at the expense of wak­ing hours or “free time”…whatever that is. I’ve heard of it and the kids today seems to be keen on it, but that’s nei­ther here nor there. Back to the sto­ry.

I wasn’t los­ing sleep over hav­ing been, I thought, over­looked on anoth­er job. This is not my first rodeo and a few bruis­ers aren’t going to keep me down, to throw around clich­es. So, I was con­fi­dent in going back to my orig­i­nal plan of being a full-time hip­ster stu­dent, no devi­a­tion from plot­ted course there. That’s where the curve ball comes into play.

I got a call from a num­ber I didn’t rec­og­nize today. I assumed it was, as the few calls lat­er would turn out to be, from some job head-hunter who can speak but appar­ent­ly not com­pre­hend the Eng­lish lan­guage. The same lan­guage we are attempt­ing to con­verse in, but that’s anoth­er tirade that you don’t need to be a part of, it’s a long sto­ry.

Turns out, the recruiter that had con­tact­ed me about the posi­tion to begin with was call­ing me back to let me know they want­ed me for the job. I know, I was shocked too. Appar­ent­ly, there had been some con­fu­sion and mis­com­mu­ni­ca­tion in the time between my inter­view and their deci­sion. But wait, it gets better…for me at least.

In addi­tion to want­i­ng me to pull some full-time con­tract work for me, they want me to telecom­mute for this job! That means I won’t have to spend a trea­sury bill on my trav­el expens­es or wait patient­ly for old age on the metro. I work very well telecom­mut­ing because there is no office dra­ma, igno­rant non­sense, or use­less week­ly meet­ings to detract from the task-at-hand. I’m very good at focus­ing on a job and fin­ish­ing it quick­ly and mak­ing sure it’s done right, as long as I don’t have all of those dis­trac­tions vying for my atten­tion. Not to men­tion that the fact that I can’t go straight from work­ing to class, espe­cial­ly those that are online, with­out los­ing time or mon­ey to trav­el.

It prob­a­bly doesn’t seem like much to any­one else, but I’m hap­py about it. I have a say­ing that has stuck with me through all my lit­tle vic­to­ries, “A lit­tle vic­to­ry is still a vic­to­ry”. I think this is a per­fect exam­ple of that.

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