Dur­ing a search for how to jail­break my iPhone 5 run­ning iOS 6.1.4 I found out that none of the reli­able pro­grams had man­aged to break the OS. So, in a fit of des­per­a­tion, as Apple sold me a some­what bust­ed and janky iPhone, I got ahold of the beta for iOS7 and updat­ed my phone with it. It has its flaws and its high points, I’ll be cov­er­ing them imme­di­ate­ly.


  • Low­er over­all bat­tery usage.
  • Dynam­ic wall­pa­pers.
  • Pag­i­nat­ed fold­ers.
  • Improved noti­fi­ca­tion cen­ter.
  • Added Con­trol Pan­el.
  • Larg­er but­tons for pass­code entry.
  • Air­drop
  • Inclu­sion of Flickr and Vimeo for social media out­lets.
  • Mak­ing the search non-scrol­lable and acces­si­ble from any page.
  • Android-esque appli­ca­tion launch­er.


  • Weird default cal­en­dar lay­out.
  • Seem­ing inabil­i­ty to play all songs from an artist, ver­sus just one album.
  • Still no abil­i­ty to mass-text con­tact group (as of beta 2).
  • Still no abil­i­ty to remove or hide default appli­ca­tions.

Many of you may have noticed that I did not men­tion the graph­ic redesign as either a pro or con. That is because, it’s a mat­ter of per­son­al choice. Admit­ted­ly, it will be a bit of a shock to the sys­tem on first launch, but you will even­tu­al­ly deal with it just like every­one did for the old lay­out. I am not a huge fan of the new look, but I think they could have done a lot worse and it is clean­er and works just as well as the old one.

Now, see­ing as this is still in the beta stage and isn’t actu­al­ly slat­ed to be released as a full release until lat­er this fall, things may change. Some things I point­ed out my be removed, some may be added, and some may remain untouched. In any case, I like where they’re tak­ing the new iOS. Every soft­ware has its ups and downs, that’s just how the indus­try is, it’s a sim­ple fact of the soft­ware life­cy­cle. Besides, you can’t please all the peo­ple all the time.

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