I think I like Twit­ter more now, espe­cial­ly since IE has start­ed Twit­ter-bomb­ing my feed. See, IE, that Inter­net Explor­er for those of you play­ing the home game, has start­ed pro­mot­ing their tweets. I am unsure if this is hap­pen­ing to every­one, or just spe­cif­ic peo­ple, but it orig­i­nal­ly annoyed me. Then, an epiphany, IE has allowed me to use Twit­ter to trash talk at them on vir­tu­al­ly a dai­ly basis. I didn’t make the rules, but I’ll play by the ones they set.

See if IE wants to foist itself on me, I can under­stand that, it’s always been a sta­ple of the Microsoft mar­ket­ing phi­los­o­phy. How­ev­er, if they expect me to take their forc­ing them­selves on me with­out a fight, they have anoth­er thing com­ing. Appar­ent­ly, I am not the only one doing this either. I don’t think I have seen a pos­i­tive reply to any of the IE tweets thus far.

Maybe IE isn’t that bad. Maybe all of us design­ers and devel­op­ers have got it wrong. Maybe we’re all just being mean to poor old IE. Maybe rab­bits fly and uni­corns are real and macho. Only two of these things have any remote chance of being true, take a guess which ones.


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