I think I like Twitter more now, especially since IE has started Twitter-bombing my feed. See, IE, that Internet Explorer for those of you playing the home game, has started promoting their tweets. I am unsure if this is happening to everyone, or just specific people, but it originally annoyed me. Then, an epiphany, IE has allowed me to use Twitter to trash talk at them on virtually a daily basis. I didn’t make the rules, but I’ll play by the ones they set.

See if IE wants to foist itself on me, I can understand that, it’s always been a staple of the Microsoft marketing philosophy. However, if they expect me to take their forcing themselves on me without a fight, they have another thing coming. Apparently, I am not the only one doing this either. I don’t think I have seen a positive reply to any of the IE tweets thus far.

Maybe IE isn’t that bad. Maybe all of us designers and developers have got it wrong. Maybe we’re all just being mean to poor old IE. Maybe rabbits fly and unicorns are real and macho. Only two of these things have any remote chance of being true, take a guess which ones.


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