I recently bought a Macbook Pro to help me at work and when I go back to school…eventually, turns out larger institutions prefer to work with either Windows or Mac. Linux seems to get left by the wayside. This is strange to me, as I work in web development and nearly all the servers I deal with are running one flavor or another of Linux. I don’t know, maybe the command line scares some people.

At any rate, seeing as I have been Windows-free for going on 15 years now I bought a Mac. I liked my first Mac, and still have it. Aside from one hardware problem, it’s worked very well over the years and traveled across a continent with me. The Windows machine we had before that had to be rebuilt a few times and kept breaking despite the rebuilds, it reminded me of a Yugo in that regard. So, I am happily remaining Windows free…except for when my job requires me to test in Internet Explorer. I shudder at the mere thought of it.

All is not lost though, as I am now armed with Parallels and can swap between Windows and OSX with a simple hotkey combination. Now I can test to see exactly where my code will inevitably break in IE and promptly correct the problem, usually with a [if IE] fix. You know your browser has problems when you have to build your own if statement just to deal with problems that will invariably arise. Be that as it may, I can test in two OSes and two distinctly, or even OS-specific, browsers with ease now.

Make no mistake, I am by no means a “Mac guy” and have no intention of getting rid of Linux. That penguin has taught me much and stood by me over man years. You don’t just toss aside a good friend because the “new” has worn off. This is just an easier to use set up for the “corporate world” and for school. But at least I now have all my bases covered. I’d give BSD a shot, but I have things set up just so and I don’t want to go messing with “perfection”, as it were. So, I’ll be sticking with the big three (Linux, OSX, and…blech Windows).

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