I was talking to my wife earlier today and mentioned that I haven’t worked a straight 40-hour week since we were living in Hawaii a few years ago. I mentioned the hours I have put in this week and she replied “It’s you and day laborers for those kinds of hours”. Then it struck me, being a web development contractor I am the technology equivalent of the day laborer.

  • I come in to do jobs that no one else wants to do, or are unable to do.
  • I usually get paid a fraction of what other people in the job are making.
  • I have no certifications to show I can do the job, but have all the knowledge and experience to do it.
  • I either have to contact someone about a position or wait for a phone call so I can get some work.
  • When someone asks me if I can do something, my almost-instant reply is “Yeah, I can do that”.

I mention getting paid less, but that is not entirely fair. I am, by no means, bitter about getting less money than they make. This was just an benign observation, there was no malice behind it and I am grateful for any money I earn.

Essentially, my point was that there is very little difference between the people in my job and the people in front of the Home Depot every morning who are looking for work. Perhaps we should take some pointers from our blue-collar brethren and start looking for work outside of Best Buy. Just food for thought.

It all depends on the slant you look at things with, but it seems that we’re not that different at all given the right way of looking at it.

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