So, maybe you’re wondering why I list SEO as part of my resume, but there’s not much SEO magickry happening on this site. Well, the answer is actually a lot less complicated than you would probably assume. The simple matter is, this site isn’t made for just anyone to go searching for it. I keep this site as a portfolio so that I have something to show people when I want to showcase my past work or in case, which is the current situation, I need to display it for hiring purposes.

So basically, unless you have been specifically pointed to this website, there is little chance that you will find it. I do this for a few reasons.

  1. Security: out of site, out of mind.
  2. I have no need to boast to the world that I am good at what I do. Those who need to know have been shown as such.
  3. Security: You can’t sabotage what you don’t know exists.
  4. Lastly, you guessed it, security.

I know it may seem a little paranoid, but when you’ve had to clean up websites that have had some malicious soul runningĀ amok through them, you know how hair-pullingly frustrating it can be. Seeing as I have had such a misfortune, thankfully not on my sites, I would rather save myself from any possible endeavors in that general direction.

So there you have it. Two parts paranoia, one part mindful bragging. Mixing them together, and you have a website with little SEO effort because the people you want to see it will see it anyway.

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