I am a big fan of DIY projects, and as a result I have become a fan of  MAKE Magazine. Which is why I was surprised when I did a search for cheap tablet wall mounts, and this article, and I had never thought of the solution before.

In that article they use a plate hanger costing three American dollars as a mount for their tablet. My thought was “I have $3 and I have to hit the hardware store anyway. I’ll give it a shot.”. So I went to the hardware, picked up what I needed to and checked to see if they had a decorative plate hanger. I had searched the store’s website before leaving, so I wouldn’t waste my time. The site said they  had it, when I went to look…they DID! And it was $2.89!

I mounted it to the wall, put the hanger around the tablet, and it works out great!

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