Usu­al­ly, when I sit down to do some devel­op­ment or design, I have seen a need that needs filled. So I sit down and write some code to fill it. I enjoy doing that, cod­ing is both a job and a hob­by for me.

How­ev­er, I have a hard time find­ing the inspi­ra­tion to start new projects any­more. I want to write some­thing, but I just can’t see any­thing that needs done. So, I sit here frus­trat­ed or mild­ly depressed that I have the skills but not tar­get to deploy them toward. Either that, or I end up search­ing Google for “web devel­op­ment ideas” and find half a mil­lion results for things that either com­pa­nies push­ing them­selves or peo­ple post­ing things that are actu­al­ly web design ideas. Design and devel­op­ment are com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent, appar­ent­ly most peo­ple don’t know that.

I find myself in such a conun­drum today, the desire to build but no inspi­ra­tion on which to more for­ward with that desire. So, should any­one be read­ing this and have an idea, please let me know. I think my cre­ative bat­tery is sit­ting on emp­ty at the moment, and I could real­ly use a jump start.


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