Usually, when I sit down to do some development or design, I have seen a need that needs filled. So I sit down and write some code to fill it. I enjoy doing that, coding is both a job and a hobby for me.

However, I have a hard time finding the inspiration to start new projects anymore. I want to write something, but I just can’t see anything that needs done. So, I sit here frustrated or mildly depressed that I have the skills but not target to deploy them toward. Either that, or I end up searching Google for “web development ideas” and find half a million results for things that either companies pushing themselves or people posting things that are actually web design ideas. Design and development are completely different, apparently most people don’t know that.

I find myself in such a conundrum today, the desire to build but no inspiration on which to more forward with that desire. So, should anyone be reading this and have an idea, please let me know. I think my creative battery is sitting on empty at the moment, and I could really use a jump start.


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