So I’m back on Xubuntu again as none of the other OSes I tried gave me satisfactory results…or they just plain died on me. Either way, I have Ubuntu set up the way I like it and I’m all right with using it.

I’m okay with it for a few reasons:

  1. It’s officially supported by Dell, which is the brand of my laptop.
  2. Being supported by Dell, my wifi works as it’s broadcom and has been notoriously hard to work with for some time.
  3. I don’t have to worry about broken dependencies.
  4. If I’m too lazy to build from source most places has .deb packages built specifically for Ubuntu. This helps if I’m in a rush.
  5. Community support for Ubuntu is very good. The people are friendly, even if you are using a different distribution.
  6. They have LTS (Long Term Service) distributions, of which I am using one. If something goes wrong, you can get support from Canonical.
  7. Free is still free, and like free.

Crunchbang was nice, while it lasted, until it decided to declare war on me and my computer. Then it became as useful as a football bat. So I am now back and square one and really okay with it.


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