Think­ing about cipher encryp­tion, brute force attacks, and login secu­ri­ty, for the most part. More talk­ing to myself over the Inter­net than any­thing, but some­times that’s how I find my best inspi­ra­tion.

We all know that web 1.0 was crap­py web­sites with flash­ing GIFs and bad midi music. Then we grad­u­at­ed to web 2.0, which gave every­one remote­ly smart enough to oper­ate a com­put­er a social voice on the Inter­net. But now the term “web 3.0”?

Inven­tion is 10% inspi­ra­tion and 90% per­spi­ra­tion. But what hap­pens when you only have one or the oth­er?

Debian didn’t go as planned, Slack­ware told me to get bent, and Crunch­bang went crunch and bang.