In case you I do not update this blog in the near future, which will not happen as I have this thing on my phone as well, there is no cause for concern. I am finally getting ready to do something since I started delving into Linux back in the 90s. I am venturing into experimenting with Slackware Linux, which is supposedly intense as far as distributions go.

There is a saying I have heard for some time now, “if you know [insert distro here] you know [insert same distro here] but if you know Slackware you KNOW Linux”. Well, never being one to deny a challenge, I am going to give it my best effort. That is the one independent distro I have yet to try, I have sampled all the others I can think of. Madriva (even old Mandrake), Red Hat, Debian, SUSE, and even Gentoo. Mandrake was my very first distro even, which I bought at Wal-Mart in the brief time it was there. So it’s time to complete the set, I would say. Maybe they are like pokemon and you have to catch them all, I am not sure.

At any rate, wish me luck and I hope the next time I write on this blog I will be flying the Slackware flag.

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