Are you tired of hav­ing sticky notes or a notepad full of pass­words because you can’t remem­ber them all? I was, so I went search­ing for a pass­word man­ag­er that would help me with that. I final­ly found one that worked for me with KeeP­assX. This pass­word man­ag­er is cross plat­form, uses 256-bit encryp­tion key, and you can send the same file to all your machines to keep them up-to-date.

I, per­son­al­ly have it installed on my Mac at home and at work, and my Lin­ux box here at home. It works like a dream for me. It have ver­sions for Linux/BSD (installed through a tar­ball), Mac OS X, and Win­dows. So there’s vir­tu­al­ly no machine it can’t run on to keep your pass­words handy and secure. I even have a mobile ver­sion, Mini­KeeP­ass, installed on my phone to help me remem­ber pass­words and user­names when I’m on the go. It sure beats hav­ing to reset pass­words every few days because you have a mil­lion of them float­ing around in your head and choose the wrong ones only to have your account locked out.

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