Are you tired of having sticky notes or a notepad full of passwords because you can’t remember them all? I was, so I went searching for a password manager that would help me with that. I finally found one that worked for me with KeePassX. This password manager is cross platform, uses 256-bit encryption key, and you can send the same file to all your machines to keep them up-to-date.

I, personally have it installed on my Mac at home and at work, and my Linux box here at home. It works like a dream for me. It have versions for Linux/BSD (installed through a tarball), Mac OS X, and Windows. So there’s virtually no machine it can’t run on to keep your passwords handy and secure. I even have a mobile version, MiniKeePass, installed on my phone to help me remember passwords and usernames when I’m on the go. It sure beats having to reset passwords every few days because you have a million of them floating around in your head and choose the wrong ones only to have your account locked out.

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