Much like the keys to your car, SSH keys seem to get lost just as often. And you can never figure out how you lost them or where they went either.

I have started a new project, on my own time, to aid veterans. I hope to help people with information that took me years to find.

Sometimes, it’s nice to do something nice for others. It’s even better when you can help them with problems you have had yourself.

Now and again, it’s nice to do projects just for yourself. If your actions can do some good, all the better.

This, much like super powers, can be used for good or evil.

Being paranoid has its benefits.

Sometimes my job is quick and clean. Other times it’s like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube while color-blind.

A lot has happened lately, but I haven’t had time to tell anyone about it.

Trading in games for self gain is not only rewarding, but recycling!

You know you have a problem when something new related to your job comes out and you’re like a kid on Christmas

Creating beauty in IE is like painting a beautiful picture using only half a box or crayons and your left hand.

Remember how I said if I didn’t get this latest job I was going to go to school and not look for another job? Yeah, joke’s on me right?

What’s more dangerous than a geek? A geek with a lot of free time on his hands.

I have been testing iOS7 for a few days and here are some of my initial thoughts on it. No great realizations about the product or biting commentary, just some point-blank observations.

New meds vs insomnia

What do programmers and day laborers have in common? More than you may think, and it’s dawned on me that there’s nothing to be ashamed of by it.

Parallels, where have you been all of my life?

Oh IE, Y U no realize U R horrible and people no like U?

…A frustrating journey, but a learning experience nonetheless.

The question as to why I say I know how to work with SEO, yet haven’t done much on my own site, is finally answered.

JSON and serialized data go head-to-head. Why the victory may not be that surprising, the mathematical results just might.

$3 and you can have your tablet mounted on the wall!

Remote files and local development come together, as one.

Thinking about cipher encryption, brute force attacks, and login security, for the most part. More talking to myself over the Internet than anything, but sometimes that’s how I find my best inspiration.

We all know that web 1.0 was crappy websites with flashing GIFs and bad midi music. Then we graduated to web 2.0, which gave everyone remotely smart enough to operate a computer a social voice on the Internet. But now the term “web 3.0”?

Invention is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. But what happens when you only have one or the other?

Debian didn’t go as planned, Slackware told me to get bent, and Crunchbang went crunch and bang.

My computer isn’t broken, and it isn’t as bad as it sounds.

I will be going where most nerds never dare.

Apps to keep your information safe, secure, and much better post-it-notes all over your desk.